Nationwide Service

A certified minority-owned business, GRE3N Waste Removal is a nationwide provider of outsourced solid waste and recycling services. We are dedicated to providing best- in-class solutions to our customers. We care about the planet and feel a responsibility to leave it to future generations in better shape than we were given it. With your help we can save energy, conserve natural resources, limit pollution and stimulate the economy.

Our sister company, RE3 Recycling is a women, minority-owned business which offers the same outstanding services as GRE3N Waste removal. 

An Isiah International Company

Isiah Thomas has long been recognized as “one of the greatest men ever to play professional basketball”. Thomas possessed the skill and determination to take over a game at will. That spirit, coupled with an astute business sense, has served Thomas well in his post-playing days. 

Focused on what he calls “the Fundamentals” of success, Thomas is meeting and exceeding standards in every industry he enters. 

GRE3N Waste Removal and RE3 Recycling are an integral part of the Isiah international family of companies. 

Corporate Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Minority Owned and Operated Company

National Minority Development Council’s (NMSDC) primary objective is to provide minority owned businesses like GRE3N and RE3 a direct link to corporate America.  The NMSDC is one of the country's leading business membership organizations. They host a National Office located in New York and 37 regional councils across the country. 

Chicago’s regional council (CMSDC) is the “home” office to GRE3N Waste Removal. They are a premier organization for increasing business opportunities between major buying organizations and minority-owned businesses. 

GRE3N possesses “reciprocal” agreements with various other regional councils including the Southern Florida Minority Development Council.  We have the capability of obtaining certification from all 37 offices. 

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Giving Back to the Community
GRE3N Waste Removal prides itself on participating and partnering with Mary's Court Foundation. A percentage of all proceeds gets donated every year to help fund the charity. Mary's Court commemorates the life and legacy of Mary Thomas as a transformational agent of service to the economically disadvantaged. It seeks to create a model for schools and communities, nationally which inspire academic success, good health practices, safety in our communities and, housing and economic development in low income areas. Mary's Court seeks to reorder the mindset of humanity with an understanding that life - at every station - is about giving, and giving is about receiving the blessing to give more.
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Mary's Court is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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